Electrical Auditor

What is an Electricity Audit?

An electricity audit is simply an audit or calculation of how much electricity you are using in your premises and of where that electricity is going. An electricity audit can help you to identify waste so that you can resolve the problems that are causing you to use more electricity than necessary, thus wasting money and doing more damage to the environment than required.

What are types of Electricity Audit?

There are two different types of electricity audit. The first is simply a walk-thru or checklist audit to find out how much energy each appliance and activity is using in order to identify where your money is going when you pay your electric bill.

The second type of energy audit is Master in this which process starts by collecting information about a facility’s operation and about its past record of utility bills. This data is then analyzed to get a picture of how the facility uses – and possibly wastes – energy, as well as to help the auditor learn what areas to examine to reduce energy costs. Specific changes – called Energy Conservation Measures (ECM’s) –are identified and evaluated to determine their benefits and their cost effectiveness.

These ECM’s are assessed in terms of their costs and benefits, and an economic comparison is made to rank the various ECM’s.

Finally, an Energy Action Plan is created where certain ECM’s are selected for implementation, and the actual process of saving energy and money begins.


Guide for best suitable technology available


Transformers , HT/LT Panels, Earthing, Electrical Distribution Networks , Distribution Boards, Major equipment’s, DGs/UPSs, Lightings, Heating Ventilation & Air Conditioning (HVAC), Cables/Ducts/Shafts, Thermal systems like Boiler/Furnace/Ovens, Insulation, Compressors/Motors/Pumps, UPS/Battery/Capacitor banks, Noise/Air Quality, Access Control, Best Maintenance & Monitor Practice.


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