1.How to reduce Bill via TV-

A. Ambient light Sensor-

If you are having a Smart TV a bit of ambient light sensor settings will save at least 20% power. Now a days all the Smart TV is being used in this setting. It was also used in some older models. Go into the settings to switch it ON.

What does it do-

LCD / LED screen TV these are used to control the backlight. If it is dark in the room brightness, contrast, sharpness, will be adjusted accordingly so that if the light would be adjusted accordingly. TV’s brightness when low power consumption is reduced.

B. Standby-

If your Old TV model takes time to switch it on which imposes on it the whole time, keep your TV at standby mode. Standby mode consumes less than 1 watt of power. If you frequently switch the TV on-off it will eat even more power. Older Model TV takes more energy to switch it on.

2. Voltage optimization tool: The voltage in your home, use customization tools. This will reduce power consumption in those devices, which need more energy to spend 9 percent. Such as ovens, heaters, dish washer, microwave, fridge and freezer.

3. Solar energy: To protect of the environment and to reduce power consumption use of solar energy is the best option. As much as possible, use of solar energy.

General Tips for Home user –

  1. Turn on the lights in the home according to the need, where you do not need, keep the lights off.
  2. In same houses, lights bulbs and CFL are still in use that takes more energy. Use of LED is the best choice.
  3. Shutdown the computer after the work.
  4. Use good quality electrical wire.
  5. Remember to turn off any equipment after use.
  6. Use of such devices in the house, which is energy saving like solar and LED.
  7. Keep your fridge away from sunny and warm area, keep away from light, otherwise it will consume more energy.
  8. Take the right amount of water while washing clothes in the washing machine, it will save power.